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Na 25 jaar op dezelfde locatie aan de Herengracht 136 te hebben gezeten, werd het tijd om wat ruimer in ons jasje te gaan zitten.

Per 1 september 2016 zijn de afdelingen belastingadvies, administratie en payroll van FINSENS verhuisd naar een nieuwe locatie, Herengracht 500. Deze activiteiten zijn verder gegaan onder de naam: BROADSTREET.

BROADSTREET wordt gerund door Robert Bosma en Patricia van der Hut. Beiden beschikken over jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van advisering aan bedrijven en particulieren inzake (internationale) fiscale kwesties en financiële planning.


  • Patricia van der Hut

    Managing Partner

    Patricia has worked for Finsens since 2001. Patricia is tax advisor and specialized in international tax advice, payroll solutions and sparring partner for managing directors of midsize companies with regard to optimizing the financial structure.

    020 26 24 321
  • Robert Bosma

    Managing Partner

    Robert is one of the founders of Finsens, more than 25 years ago. Robert is tax advisor and specialized in international tax issues, corporate restructuring and mergers and participation schemes.

    020 26 24 320
  • Nathalie Groot

    Office Manager

    Nathalie is your first contact person. Nathalie is responsible for all external communication and client relations.

    020 26 24 300
  • Nanda Truijens


    Nanda runs the internal administration for BROADSTREET. She is the person who will send you the invoices and can answer questions on outstanding payments.

    020 26 24 208
  • Regina de Rijk

    Payroll Consultant

    Regina runs the payroll for all corporate clients of BROADSTREET. She is responsible for producing the payslips for your employees, filing the payroll tax returns and notifying you on what needs to be paid and when.

    020 26 24 319
  • Karel van den Driesche

    Administration Consultant

    Karel and Jeroen run the administration department of BROADSTREET. They are responsible for filing your VAT returns, keeping your administration up to date, drawing up your annuals and taking care of the publication with the Chamber of Commerce.

    020 26 24 311
  • Jeroen van den Broek

    Administration Consultant

    Jeroen and Karel run the administration department of BROADSTREET. They are responsible for filing your VAT returns, keeping your administration up to date, drawing up your annuals and taking care of the publication with the Chamber of Commerce.

    020 26 24 310
  • Inez Lutgens

    Tax Assistent

    Inez has worked for BROADSTREET for over 17 years, knowing all the ins and outs of the company. Inez is responsible for the administrative procedure regarding income tax returns and child care allowances.

    020 26 24 305
  • Elisabeth Bouwer

    Tax Advisor

    In 2012, Elisabeth joined the team. Elisabeth is specialized in international income tax, inheritance tax, international social security and 30% ruling issues. Elisabeth is contact person for HR managers for international secondment.

    020 26 24 304
  • Thierry Martens

    Tax Advisor

    Thierry joined the BROADSTREET team in 2017. Thierry is a former marine who has a Masters in both civil as tax law. Thierry is the guy to go to for supporting the starting entrepreneur in the first steps of doing business in the Netherlands. He can advise you on the right business structure, the international issues that may arise as well as on the tax and legal matters of having a Dutch company.

    020 26 24 306
  • Alexander Zahariev

    Administrative assisstent

    Alexander joined our team in March 2018. Alexander is originally from Bulgaria and obtained his Master’s degree in International Trade and Investment law from the University of Amsterdam. After graduation, Alexander started working for the Bulgarian Embassy as a consular assistant. Alexander is fluent in Dutch, English and Bulgarian. Within Broadstreet, Alexander is responsible for handling all contracts and back office services regarding our Payroll Services clients.

    020 26 24 303
  • Tessa van Rossum

    Junior Administration Consultant

    Tessa is currently in the final phase of her Bachelor in Accounting. She supports Karel and Jeroen in handling the bookkeeping for all our clients. She is responsible for filing your VAT returns as well as contacting you in case any documents are missing. She will make sure your administration is fully up to date and takes care of any communication with the tax office.

    020 26 24 302
  • Sebastiaan Huijgen

    Junior Tax Advisor

    Sebastiaan has recently completed his Masters in tax law. Sebastiaan helps us getting a fresh view on taxes. Sebastiaan supports the Senior Tax Advisors with the preparation of tax memo’s, prepares tax returns and keeps contact with the tax office as well as with our clients.

    020 26 24 322
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