Broadstreet - Our fees

Our Fees

We render the services on the basis of an hourly rate multiplied by the time spent. Our rates vary from EUR 100 to EUR 250 ex VAT per hour, depending on the complexity of the case.

To better asses information requests, we offer an intake service for a fixed fee of € 350 ex vat. This fee covers a meeting of approx. 1 hour as well as a follow up email in which a summary of the discussed items and recommendations are given.

For some services we are able to work with fixed fees. See below an overview of our fees. Please note that the fees are all exclusive of 21% VAT.

Draw up employment contract 400
Register foreign entity for payroll tax purposes only 750
Provide postal services for all tax correspondence (annual fee) 350
Set up a payroll administration (including 1 employee) 450
Payroll administration set up new employees 250
Payroll admin per employee per month Including: 65
·  provide a monthly salary slip for the employee
·  provide a monthly payroll tax return for the employer
·  submit the monthly payroll tax filing
Any additional employee per month 35
Incorporation B.V. including: 2.000
·  English translation
·  consultancy fee
Register B.V. with tax authorities for payroll tax number 200
Dissolve B.V. with Chamber of Commerce 750
Set up fee 250
Draw up opening balance statement DAFT 350
Monthly bookkeeping fee for consulting BV’s, including VAT filing 150
Prepare annuals 750
Prepare registration documents for Chamber of Commerce 250
Prepare corporate tax return 750
Extension for filing corporate tax return 50
Set up fee 250
Draw up opening balance statement DAFT 350
Quarterly bookkeeping fee of an average complexity, including filing
  VAT returns on a quarterly basis 250
Deregister sole proprietorship with Chamber of Commerce 300
Intake service 350
Request A1 statement 450
Provide postal address service for tax correspondence (annual fee) 180
Arrange appointment for BSN number 125
Prepare provisional tax refund 175
Adjust or cancel provisional tax refund 75
Application 30% ruling 750
Prepare income tax return of average complexity 400
Increment for filing income tax return of a partner 100
Increment for filing income tax return for entrepreneurs 200
Prepare income tax return M form 500
Increment for filing income tax return M form of a partner 150
File extension for submitting income tax return 50
File request for child care allowance 175
File request child benefit (kinderbijslag) 175
File request health care allowance 175

These rates are an indication of costs based on average complexity and are applicable for 2022.