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From our canal-side headquarters in central Amsterdam, our team of friendly, multilingual experts specialise in helping internationally operating companies. 

With 25 years of expertise in tax, payroll and financial services for international companies, Broadstreet’s specialist team understands the ins and outs of cross-border tax, employment law and the Netherlands’ business climate. We are committed to making life easier for our clients.


Patricia van der Hut

Managing Partner

Patricia has over 20 years of experience as tax advisor. She specializes in international tax advice and payroll solutions. Patricia is sparring partner for managing directors of midsize companies with regard to optimizing their financial structure.

Robbert - Team Broadstreet - founding partner at Broadstreet

Managing Partner

Robert is a founding partner at Broadstreet. He started his career as tax advisor at PWC before founding his own company, over 25 years ago. Robert is specialized in international tax issues, corporate restructuring, merges and participation schemes.


Administrative Assistant

With over 10 years at Broadstreet, Nathalie knows the company inside and out. She is responsible for running the administration and has extensive experience in multiple facets of our operations. If you have a question about your invoice, Nathalie will be happy to assist you with her friendly and knowledgeable approach.

Photo portrait of Jiske Scherpenborg

Business Manager

Jiske is our Business Manager and HR lead. She expertly guides our strategic initiatives and manages our talent acquisition with a keen eye for efficiency and growth. Jiske’s proactive approach ensures we stay competitive and nurture top talent effectively, keeping our team dynamic and forward-thinking.

Office Assistant

Karin is our office assistant. She’s the glue that holds our office together, always available with a warm smile and a helping hand. Karin expertly manages our daily schedules and keeps all our paperwork in perfect order. Whether organizing meetings or supporting various projects, she handles every challenge with enthusiasm and a playful touch. Karin is an essential part of our team, and we simply couldn’t do it without her

Photo portrait of Julia van Oort

Office Assistant

Meet Julia, our remarkable office assistant. While she navigates her studies in notarial law, Julia brings the same dedication and sharp focus to our office. Always greeting everyone with a friendly smile. Whether she’s setting up meetings or supporting our projects, Julia tackles every task with energy and a thoughtful approach. Balancing her academic pursuits with her role here, she’s an indispensable part of our team, and we’re thrilled to support her growth.

Office Assistant

Annabelle is our office assistant. She’s always on hand with a friendly smile and ready to help. Annabelle keeps everything ticking over smoothly, from juggling schedules to sorting out the paperwork, all with a cool head and a can-do attitude. Whether she’s setting up for meetings or giving a hand with projects, she tackles everything with energy and a touch of fun.


Senior Tax Advisor - Member of the management team

Having been with Broadstreet for over 10 years, Elisabeth is a senior expert in international income tax, inheritance tax, international social security, and 30% ruling issues. Her extensive knowledge of US tax regulations makes her an invaluable resource for US citizens dealing with taxation in both the Netherlands and the US. Elisabeth’s deep expertise and dedication ensure that you receive the best possible advice and support for your tax needs.

portrait photo Nathalie Deronchi

Compliance Officer

Nathalie joined the Broadstreet team in October 2023. As a Compliance Officer, she is specialized in Financial Law.
She is responsible for ensuring Broadstreet’s full compliance with legal regulations and industry-specific guidelines. She enjoys guiding clients smoothly to compliance processes.

Senior Tax Advisor

Oscar specialises in international income tax, wage tax and social insurance. Oscar has more than 25 years of experience working as a tax consultant with various tax consultancy firms and as an independent contractor. Oscar is also very knowledgeable on the subject of (employee) equity incentives having worked as the manager international equity incentives for a Dutch multinational for 5 years.

portrait photo Nadia van Kooten

Tax Advisor

Nadia earned her Master’s degree in Tax Law and brings her expertise to help you navigate the complexities of international taxation. With her precise and knowledgeable approach, Nadia is dedicated to providing you with the best possible guidance and support for all your tax needs.

Pim - team Broadstreet - taxes and income tax returns

Tax Advisor

Pim earned her Master’s degree in International and European Tax Law in 2019, fueled by a passion for navigating the complexities of international tax. At Broadstreet, she plays a key role in our tax department, expertly managing income tax returns and securing 30% rulings for our clients. Pim’s dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Tax Advisor

Pytrick is a professional with over a decade of experience in international income tax. Having worked with prestigious Big 4 firms, he brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge. Pytrick is passionate about optimizing tax return processes and takes pride in his ability to streamline complex procedures.


Tax Advisor

Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Private Law and is currently pursuing her Master’s in International Tax Law. With extensive experience in administrative law, Anna has a keen eye for tax-related matters. Since joining Broadstreet in August 2019, she has been an essential part of our tax team, providing expert guidance and support in navigating complex tax issues for our clients.

Photo portrait of Djamil Raiz

Tax Advisor

Djamil joined the Broadstreet team in July 2022 and is currently pursuing his Master’s in International Tax Law. Specializing in advising clients on international tax matters, Djamil expertly manages income tax returns and provides comprehensive tax advice. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring our clients receive top-notch tax guidance and support.

Inez Team Broadstreet

Tax Consultant

With over 20 years at Broadstreet, Inez knows the company inside and out. Her extensive experience and deep understanding make her an indispensable part of our team. Inez is responsible for overseeing the administrative processes for income tax returns and tax allowances, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Her dedication and expertise have been a cornerstone of our success


Tax Consultant

Raphaela is a dedicated assistant in the tax department at Broadstreet. Alongside her work here, she is studying Chinese Medicine and runs her own acupuncture practice. Raphaela’s unique blend of financial and holistic health expertise brings a comprehensive approach to her role, ensuring our clients receive exceptional service and support.

portrait photo Aimee Bleeker

Junior Tax Advisor

Aimee studied Finance, Tax, and Advice at the HvA and has gained valuable experience through various internships in the tax field. She is an expert in the 30% ruling and is eager to assist you with this specialized tax benefit. Aimee’s dedication and knowledge ensure that you receive the best guidance and support in navigating the 30% ruling process.

portrait photo Bas Sack

Manager Accouting

Bas brings a blend of expertise and enthusiasm to his role, ensuring our financial operations are both accurate and efficient. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, he leads his team in managing budgets, financial reporting, and compliance. Bas is known for his approachable style and commitment to transparency, making him a trusted leader in our company. His ability to simplify complex financial concepts into understandable advice is highly valued by both his team and our clients.


Senior Accounting Specialist

Jeroen is our senior administration consultant, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. He expertly handles filing VAT returns, maintaining up-to-date administration, producing annual statements, and managing publications with the Chamber of Commerce. With Jeroen’s meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience, you can trust that your administrative needs are in excellent hands.


Senior Accounting Specialist

Karel is responsible for meticulously handling the administration and annual statements for our clients. With a keen eye for detail, he ensures your administration is always up to date and compliant with all tax and accounting regulations. Karel’s dedication and precision provide you with the confidence that your financial matters are in expert hands.


Accounting Specialist

Tessa is handling the bookkeeping for all our clients. She is responsible for filing your VAT returns and making sure the documentation is complete. She will make sure your administration is fully up to date and takes care of any communication with the tax office.

Photo portrait of Sjamsjad Rahimoella

Senior Accounting Specialist

Sjamsjad joined Broadstreet team as payroll advisor in April 2018. Sjamsjad holds a Bachelor’s in payroll tax administration, but also has many years of experience as all round administrative assistant. Sjamsjad is responsible for running the whole administration from various clients.

Chiara - Team Broadstreet - bookkeeping and administration

Accounting Specialist

Chiara holds a Bachelor in Accounting and has worked for several accounting firms before joining Broadstreet in September 2020. Chiara is responsible for the bookkeeping for our clients and will be your contact person regarding any administration related matter.

Leon - Team Broadstreet - Payroll Administrator

Senior Payroll Consultant

Leon joined Broadstreet in March 2021, bringing with him a passion for numbers and 13 years of experience as a Payroll Administrator. At Broadstreet, Leon is dedicated to running payroll for our corporate clients, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. His enthusiasm for his work and extensive expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Regina - Team Broadstreet - administration and payroll

Senior Payroll Consultant

Regina is responsible for the administration and payroll for all Broadstreet Payroll Services clients. She processes calculations and invoices and monitors the payroll and payments. From January 2022, Regina is registered with NIPRA as an RPP (Register Payroll Professional).

portrait photo Ismay Boltjes

Payroll Consultant

Ismay is a key member of our payroll team, bringing several years of experience in the financial world. She enjoys organizing all administrative processes and takes pride in helping our customers keep everything in perfect order. Ismay’s dedication and expertise ensure that our clients receive exceptional service and support.

portrait photo Angela van de Pol

Payroll Consultant

Angela recently joined our payroll team and brings multiple years of experience in financial administration. She is well-equipped to handle the payroll processing for our corporate clients. Angela’s expertise and enthusiasm ensure smooth and accurate payroll services for our clients.

Photo portrait of Ruth Graanoogst

legal advisor

Ruth joined Broadstreet in September 2019 and brings a wealth of legal expertise to our team. With a deep focus on the legal aspects of tax and compliance, Ruth ensures that all regulatory requirements are met seamlessly. Her dedication and knowledge provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind in navigating complex legal landscapes.

Jolijn - Team Broadstreet - payroll services division

legal advisor

Within Broadstreet, Jolijn is responsible for the payroll services division and advices on and monitors the legal requirements regarding our payroll services clients. Jolijn holds a Master in Dutch law. Before joining Broadstreet she was self-employed for over 18 years in retail.

Photo portrait of Rianne van Marsbergen

Team Lead EOR

Rianne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and has become an essential member of Broadstreet’s payroll team. With her extensive experience and a keen eye for detail, Rianne is dedicated to assisting you with all your payroll questions and concerns. Over the years, she has taken on the role of team lead for our Employer of Record (EOR) services, where she excels in providing exceptional support and expertise to our clients. Rianne’s commitment to her work and her personable approach make her a valuable asset to both her team and our clients.

Photo portrait of Sersinio Tjon-a-Tsien


Sersinio joined the Broadstreet team in July 2022 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. As part of our Payroll Services team, he combines his HR expertise with payroll solutions to provide exceptional support to our clients. Sersinio is dedicated to helping clients navigate their payroll needs efficiently and accurately, ensuring seamless and reliable service.


Tido got his Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management. During his training, Tido has already gained a lot of knowledge in HR. He gets energy from guiding customers during the process of start working in the Netherlands and he is happy to help you.


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