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Payroll services for international and Dutch based companies

Broadstreet can assist you with running the payroll administration for your company and ensure you are in compliance with the tax office. But also companies who run their own payroll administration we can assist in optimizing the payroll and advice on employee remunerations, international social security in case of secondment or split payrolls.

Broadstreet Payroll Services offers payroll services and solutions to two types of companies.

  • International companies who want to set up business in the Netherlands, but do not yet have the financial structure set up to run a payroll for the employees.
  • Dutch based companies that want to employ international employees but do not yet have to required registration with the Dutch immigration services to do so.
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Are you looking for a temporary employment solution?

We offer a temporary employment solution for our client and for the employee. The employee will be employed by Broadstreet directly and seconded to our client. During this secondment, our clients have time to set up a structure in which they are able to employ the employee directly without our mediation.

Broadstreet is registered as a sponsor with the Dutch immigration office (IND) and is therefore able to support the application of the necessary residency and work permits.

Once the client is able to have the employee directly on their payroll, we can assist in the transition.

The employee receives the employment agreement our client would have offered themselves, taking into account the rules of  the ABU collective labour agreement.

Unlike many other payroll agencies, we do not work with a percentage of the employee’s salary as commission. We prefer to keep all the cost for our client as transparent as possible.

We cross charge the total cost for the employee, equal to the cost our client would have had in case the employee was on our client’s payroll.

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