Intra company transfer

You are an employee of a multinational company established outside the EU. When you are going to be transferred to a branch within this same company in the Netherlands, you will need a residence permit in the Netherlands. In this case, you can apply for a special residence permit that allows you to live and work in the Netherlands, through an intra-company transfer.

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Intra Corporate Transferee Directive

The Intra Company Transferee Directive (2014/66/EU), is part of the Dutch law. This directive states that managers, specialists and trainees can be transferred within the company to the entity based in the Netherlands. These employees are entitled to a work and residence permit called an intra-corporate transferee permit (ICT-permit) or intra-company transfer.
It is possible to change the ICT-permit to one of the other two permits, like the Highly Skilled Migrant programme or a EU Blue Card.

Employee requirements for the Intra Company Transferee Directive

What requirements must your employee meet, before being able to apply for the ICT-permit?

  • The employee must not be a national of an EU/EEA country, Switzerland or Turkey.
  • The employee must currently perform work as a manager, specialist or trainee in the current country of residence.
  • The employee must live outside the Netherlands at the time of submitting the application
  • If you are a trainee, you must follow a trainee programme and will not be employed as a normal employee.

Unlike with the Highly Skilled Migrant programme, you as an employer can choose to become a recognised sponsor, but this is not obligatory.

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