Highly skilled migrant permit

There are various immigration permits available for the Netherlands, to attract highly skilled migrants from outside of the EU, of which the three most common are the highly skilled migrant program, the EU Blue Card and the ICT permit (intra-company transfer permit). Below we will inform you about the highly skilled migrant programme, what requirements the employee must meet and what requirements you as an employer must fulfill.

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Requirements the employee must meet

To apply for the HSM permit, the following conditions have to be met:

  • The employee does not have the nationality of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.
  • The employee lives outside of the Netherlands
  • The employee must have an employment contract with a company or research institution located in the Netherlands that is registered as recognized sponsor
  • There are no special requirements regarding education or diploma’s
  • For the highly skilled migrant programme, there are no requirements about the position of the employee. However, the ICT permit requires that the employee must be transferred as a manager, specialist or trainee to a company in the Netherlands

Requirements the company as an employer must meet

  • As an employer, you need to be a recognised sponsor by the IND. All recognised sponsors are listed in the public register of Recognised Sponsors. If you are not recognized as a sponsor, you cannot apply to employ a highly skilled migrant.
  • The employee must earn a sufficient income. This income is independent and long-term.

Employees who want to work in the Netherlands as highly skilled migrants are required to earn a minimum gross annual income. As of 2018, the new income requirements are the following:

  • Highly skilled migrants from the age of 30 must earn €4,404 gross per month excl. holiday allowance
  • Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 must earn €3,229 gross per month excl. holiday allowance

Get informed about the Highly Skilled Migrant permit 

Broadstreet has informed both companies and employees regarding the Highly Skilled Migrant permit. As a company, you must be registered with the IND as recognized sponsor. As a foreign employee, you must meet several requirements. Broadstreet is happy to inform you about the Highly Skilled Migrant scheme and all its requirements.

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