Foreign employment in the Netherlands

According to the Foreign Nationals Employment Act (Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen in Dutch), a Dutch company is obligated to first recruit new employees within the Netherlands. You must prove that you cannot find a suitable employee, before being allowed to recruit from abroad. There are certain requirements to employing a foreign employee, which Broadstreet can inform you about.

Increase your net salary

Residence and work permit for you new employee

For the suitable international candidate to be allowed to reside and work in the Netherlands, he/she must obtain a valid residence and work permit. There are various permits to apply for for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
  • EU Blue Card
  • Apply for the regular residence and work permit in the Netherlands

Acknowledgement and registration as sponsor

If you employ an Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen for longer than 3 months, your company must be recognized as a sponsor. This is only a requirement if your employee would want to apply for the highly skilled migrant visa. The company will be listed in the public register of Recognised Sponsors.

Hiring foreign employees through an intermediary or employment agency

For Dutch based companies that want to employ Non-EU/EEA citizens, but do not yet have the required registration with the Dutch immigration services, hiring international employees through an intermediary is an advisable option. This also applies to international based companies who want to set up business in the Netherlands, but do not have the financial structure set up to run a payroll for these international employees.

This intermediary must be registered with the IND as recognized sponsor. The intermediary is responsible for requesting the work permit for the new employee.

Broadstreet is a registered sponsor with the IND and offers payroll solutions to both Netherlands based and international companies that seek international employement.

Payroll solutions at Broadstreet

Broadstreet can assist you with running the payroll administration for your company and ensure you are in compliance with the tax office. We also help and advise companies  who run their own payroll administration,

We offer a temporary employment solution for companies and their employees. The employee will be employed by Broadstreet directly and seconded to our client. During this secondment, our clients will be granted time to set up a structure in which they are able to employ the employee directly without our mediation.
Broadstreet is registered as a sponsor with the Dutch immigration office (IND) and is therefore able to support the application of the necessary residency and work permits. Once the client is able to have the employee directly on their payroll, we can assist in the transition.

Have Broadstreet help and advice you on foreign employment

Broadstreet is happy to help and advise companies in setting up their own payroll, but also offering temporary payroll solutions to make foreign employment possible for companies who have not set up their own payroll.
Get in contact with Broadstreet through the contact form below, and see how Broadstreet can help you regarding foreign employment.

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