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Broadstreet is specialized in preparing Dutch corporate income tax returns for international companies in the Netherlands. Filing for Dutch corporate income tax return needs to be prepared thoroughly and with detail. Broadstreet possesses over lots of knowledge and connections with the Dutch Tax Office to be able to prepare large and complex corporate income tax returns.

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What is Dutch corporate income tax?

Dutch corporation or corporate income tax is levied according to the Corporate income tax Act of 1969, in Dutch the Wet op de vennootschapsbelasting. Both public and private companies pay corporate income tax on their profits. This entails both companies established in the Netherlands (resident taxpayers) and some companies not established in the Netherlands, that receive income from the Netherlands (non-resident taxpayers).

Sole proprietorships, freelancers and partnerships do not fall under the corporate income tax. Their profit is taxed with personal income tax.

Corporate income tax rates in 2018

Companies pay income tax on their profits, with various additions or deductions. The corporation tax rate depends on the taxable amount. The taxable amount is the gross income minus business related expenses.

The first €200,000 will be taxed with a 20% tax rate. The surplus amount above €200,000 will be taxed with a 25% tax rate.
However, a proposal has been made to extend the 20% bracket to €250,000 in 2018.

Exemptions for corporate income tax

There are several corporate income tax exemptions, to prevent economic double taxation. The exemption applies to all dividends, gains and losses related to the holding of at least 5% of the shares in a subsidiary.

Also, a reduced rate applies to activities covered by the innovation box. This innovation box provides a tax relief to encourage innovative research. All profits earned from innovative activities are taxed at this special rate.

Have Broadstreet inform you about corporate income tax

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